How to use LUNA with Android App (alpha ver.)

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    [EN] How to use LUNA with Android App – 03:14
    — LUNA 360

    Power-up / Turn-off LUNA

    • To activate LUNA, press and hold for 3 seconds
    • To turn off LUNA, also press and hold 3 seconds

    Connect LUNA with Wi-Fi

    1. Download and install Applications from here:
    2. Go to Application manager
    3. Find "Luna360"
    4. Enter Permissions: Allow All (allow Camera, Microphone and Storage permission)
    5. Open Wi-Fi Settings
    6. Click on LUNA’s Wi-Fi
    7. Enter the last 8-digit as the password showed on LUNA’s Wi-Fi
    8. After the Wi-Fi settings, open LUNA APP

    Wala! Now you should see 360 image live-streaming from LUNA to your phone in Little Planet Mode.

    LUNA APP’s Basic Functions

    • View Modes: Square mode, Flat mode, Planet mode, VR mode
    • Take a photo
    • Download the photo
    • Record a video
    • Download the video
    • Share it to the social media!

  • How do I exit/get out of the Android Luna app?


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