Unable to install PC App (LUNA360_Installer_1_1_3.msi ) on Windows 10 Home

  • Hi,
    According to release note, I have to manually install the Microsoft frameworks in ~/Program Files (x86)/Memora/LUNA360/framework.
    But one one framework can be installed correctly, vc_redist.x86 and vc2010_redist_x86 are installations fails with the message a newer version already installed.
    Is there any way to solve the problem?

    Thank you!

  • Hi lis186:
    If your framework has newer version than vc_redist.x86 and vc2010_redist_x86, I think you do not install it.
    If you want to use LUNA web cam mode with PC APP in your NB or PC, you need to install VCam (C:\Program Files (x86)\Memora\LUNA360\VCam), execute the install.bat with the system administrator.
    Then, you can open the LUNA360 PC app to connect your LUNA and PC/NB with wifi or USB.
    By the way, when you use USB web cam mode to connect the LUNA, you can use skype or any video communication tool to do the video conference. choose the "virtual web cam" as video source in you skype or other video communication tool. And you can see the video as flip, and then you can press "L" bottum to flip the video as the correct view.

  • Hi Kevinlin1001,

    After installing the VCam, I still can not launch PC App successful.
    Nothing happened after clicking the PC App icon, either connect LUNA via wifi or USB.

    BTW, I can switch to AVS 360 Camera in Skype but it only shows a black screen.

  • @lis186
    [1] If you install VCam, your skype is working in your NB/PC, please turn-off the skype and turn-on the skype again. And please make sure the current USB mode is UVC mode, not USB storage mode, LUNA supports two USB mode, one is UVC web cam mode, and the other is storage, you can selecct the mode that you want via the top button of LUNA when USB cable is connecting the PC/NB.
    [2] Can you open the LUNA PC APP? if this can be opened, you should can view the video stream via wifi or USB.
    [3] wifi password: English needs capital, connection method is the same as the phone app.

  • Windows 7 Professional 也無法打開PC APP

  • I still can not open the app on Windows 10 Home, either 1.1.3 or 1.1.5.

  • @lis186 ,
    Neither do I.
    Did you solve it?

  • @Vladde No. Still not working.


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