LUNA 360 initial evaluation

  • Greetings everyone -- I have now taken the time to more fully evaluate the LUNA360 camera that I received and the associated app. Here is what I can report thus far. What follows are my notes from today's testing.

    1. The app connects to iPhone WiFi well after initial difficulties were overcome.
    2. After the wifi connection made, I took one test photo and one short test video.
    3. AVS360 app always states to get latest update on startup, but I have the latest app from all that I can tell. On my first attempt, the app crashed immediately. On the second attempt, I made it to Multimedia Folder, saw the image I just took, then the app crashed again. I opened the app again to the Multimedia folder and watched part of video, but the app then crashed again.
    4. The app crashes constantly.
    5. App settings: The YouTube link doesn’t work and applying the color compensation button makes no noticeable difference in the resulting image quality.
    6. When connecting the LUNA USB to my iMac, the camera is identified as an external drive. It is easy to copy over images and videos.
    7. The downloaded images are two pics of the 360 degree view, both 180 degree images of the overall 360 degree view.
    8. Overall image quality is reasonably good, but not HD.
    9. Video quality is about the same, but audio seems to be poor. I could only hear muffled sounds.
    10. For images that are converted to panoramas, the stitching of the two images together is poorly done. Offsets and image scenes are very apparent.

    So, my first recommendation is to improve the quality and reliability of the app. This is going to be VERY important when using the camera in outdoor settings and during action scenes. Fix the features that don't work in the app and ensure that the app doesn't crash every other second.

    I'll continue testing, but please send me comments here or write to me via email at Thanks! I plan to use ths camera as much as possible for both personal and business uses. Cheers! Paul


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