How to Connect LUNA to PC and switch to USB Disk or UVC Webcam Mode

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    About USB connection to desktop, there are two modes, first: Disk Mode, second: Webcam Mode.

    To Connect LUNA to PC and switch to USB/UVC Webcam Mode, you need to

    1. Power Up LUNA,
    2. Connect to PC (LUNA will blink then beep once it detect PC)
    3. Check if there's a new disk shown in My Computer
    4. Press LUNA physical button one more time (LUNA will blink then beep again)
    5. LUNA storage disk gone, LUNA now in Webcam mode.
    6. Use LUNA Desktop App, click "LUNA 360 UVC/USB" to see if there's panoramic live image shows up.

    [EN] How to use LUNA with Desktop PC (USB Disk Mode/USB Webcam Mode) – 01:47
    — LUNA 360

    *Error check: you may not see a new Disk in your My Commputer, that's may because LUNA already switched to Webcam mode automatically. If that happen, you can press LUNA power button to switch LUNA between two modes while connecting to your computer.

    Hope this will help.

    Team LUNA

  • @luna360camera :
    The LUNA will remember the last USB mode type, for example, if you use the web-cam mode last time, the USB mode type will be the web-cam mode when you are plugging the LUNA now.on the contrary, if you use the USB storage mode last time, the USB mode type will be this one when you are plugging the LUNA now.

  • My PC is telling me that there is no driver for the device....

    EDIT: Changing the USB port solved the issue. I used one in the back of my desktop PC.

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