Just got my Luna - both iOS and Android apps crash continuously.

  • I can use the apps for just a minute or so before they crash.
    iPhone 7+, iOS 11.2.5

    I was able to take a photo or two and eventually transfer it to my camera roll but I had to restart the app 4 times in order to do that. I also couldn't find instructions on calibration.

  • ME TOO!!!

  • I received mine last night and with very little time I have so far

    1. the app is called AVS360 and its developer links are no longer valid. I doubt it's going to be updated, ever.
    2. yes it crashes almost constantly, gave up downloading first trial video recording.
    3. upon launch it says please update the app, but it's the latest version available in the store ( IOS 11.2.5 also).
    4. Wifi link took many tries even though i have entered correct password.
    5. It supposed to have mass-storage mode but my macs either Sierra nor High Sierra would not recognize it.
    6. I tried the MoonVRPlayer but it's not much of use if I cannot download the footages.

    So strike out IOS and Mac so far. I am not sure how I am going to use this. Oh well. The hardware design seemed neat though.

    Is there any other IOS app that may access Luna360 files?


  • okey, i managed to download the pics and videos. They are extremely low resolution. Both Pic and Vid are at 1920x1080. It's supposed to be 2 x 1080p camera but actually it's 960x960 x 2 lenses written into one 1920x1080 file. Worse, it's only use circular portion of the 960x960.

    Audio recording was completely muffled, spoken words were incomprehensible.

    It is of no use at this quality unfortunately.

    Package was nice though.

  • Same here. Just got my luna and im only able to use it 3 minutes before the app crashes. Video quality is pretty bad.. same as audio.. when are we going to see a native app from luna? An app that actually works? Otherwise this is just a uselass piece of tech.

  • Hi everyone ~ I also just received my camera. I am happy that I actually received it at all as the delivery was so delayed. Anyway, I did some very initial testing and I experienced pretty much the same as everyone here. The iOS app is very flaky and crashes constantly. I did take some photos, but they were fairly low-resolution. None of the features in the iOS app seem to work, either. The app also says to update the app every time, but I have the latest version of the app, from all I can tell.

    It would also be nice if the company provided more useful support.

    I'll conduct more testing and make a fuller report later.

  • I am having the same problem. It a great product idea and the hardware was working great until a recent iOS update which has rendered the product useless.

    The such a good idea should be let down by an App seems crazy. And the lack of news from the company about an update is poor form on their side.

    Their website is still selling it - so you’d hope they are on the case otherwise they run the gauntlet of consumer law. The last thing we CrowdFunder of the thing need is for an App to get them into trouble.


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