Luna not working

    1. WIFI connected, open the app (ver 0.6), no image at all (according to tutorial, it should show up right away)
    2. Connected with USB, no device is detected or showed up. It also shows "Please check if uvc and is connected" when I trying to use USB viewer feature.

    Plz help, thanks a lot and happy new year.

  • BTW I do have sound from Luna when I start/shutdown it and button pressed.

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    Thank you for your feedback. Can you let us know about your Android device name & brand, also the Android version. We will try to look at it. Thanks!

    About USB connection to desktop, there are two modes, first: Disk Mode, second: Webcam Mode.
    You need to

    1. Power Up LUNA,
    2. Connect to PC (LUNA will blink then beep once it detect PC)
    3. Check if there's a new disk shown in My Computer
    4. Press LUNA physical button one more time (LUNA will blink then beep again)
    5. LUNA storage disk gone, LUNA now in Webcam mode.
    6. Use LUNA App, click "LUNA 360 UVC/USB" to see if there's image shows up.

    Error check: you may not see a new Disk in your computer, that may be LUNA switched to Webcam mode automatically. Generally speaking, you can press LUNA power button to switch LUNA between two modes while connecting to your computer.

    Check this tutorial post:

    Hope this will help.

    Team LUNA

  • @NotExist
    There are two possible issues can not show video stream in the phone, please check:
    [1] Turn off 3G/4G before connect the LUNA via the wifi, only google Nexsus-like phone can both use 3G/4G and Wifi at the same time, the best way is tun-off the 3G/4G and then use wifi directly to connect LUNA.
    [2] When you write the LUNA's wifi password, english is capital

  • @NotExist :
    [1] When you have this issue, you can press 10 seconds to let the LUNA shut down directly and re-start the LUNA, the sound should appear.

    [2] LUNA's sound is not very loud, you can listen this sound in the quiet please.

  • Hello Luna team @luna360camera:
    Thanks for your hard work around Chinese New Year.
    I did read the manual already. I've finally get it work with different USB port. The original port (and the cable of my own) doesn't work with LUNA but does work with all other my devices like phone or tables or card reader, FYI.

    Hello @Kevinlin1001:
    1-1. I've tried and it does work, thanks. But it can't be the "limitation" right? If I can't use mobile network with WIFI at same time, how can I share/stream my media? BTW the issue also appear in my Nexus 7 2013 LTE ver. Does it count as "Nexus like" device?
    1-2. I do able to connect to WIFI signal of Luna, I've mentioned "WIFI connected"
    2-1&2-2. I "DO" heard the sound, it's not the issue and I've mentioned it because I want to explain the devices doesn't looks "no response".


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