• Hi,
    I tried my cam today without any apps.
    Try to intall the pc app and did everything as i should (i think) with the installing manually etc.
    Doesn't matter with that right now, waiting for the Ios app.
    After recording like 5 clips today only with the cam and returned home, and imported the files in the "action director" the seaming didn't look to good. I could se 2 of myself and the resolution wasn't good at all. Maybe i can set the resolution with the app or how is it working? And what about the seaming?
    Thx in advance Vladde

  • Have you been able to get live streaming to work yet? I'm still stumped on that one.

  • @Sed_maxime
    Nope, I'm using an Iphone and there is no app for it yet. The pc app isn't userfriendly to install, and i noticed it's made with c++! It's like 20+ years ago i was doing c++ programing so i don't even bother try to do the app better.
    Just hoping the Luna team will solve everything soon.
    Is your record quality good, and is the seaming good?

  • I have bad resolution and the video seems out of the point of focus is at 10cm to the lenses.

  • @Alby90
    Same situation.


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